August 9, 2016 Amanda Wallace

LexPlay Cosplay Contest Rules and Regulations

Hey folks! The LexPlay Cosplay department has given us a pretty sweet list of basic rules and regulations for the masquerade at the upcoming event.

  • All cosplays in any category must be 75% handmade. Bought/commissioned costumes are not eligible to compete unless the creator is present for judging.
  • Entrants will be assigned a 5-minute time slot to tell the judges everything there is to show and tell about their cosplay—think about what you’re going to say before you get to judging!
  • If you miss your time slot, you may reschedule it if there are any later times available, but this isn’t guaranteed!
  • This contest is family friendly-if you can’t wear it to the pool, you can’t wear it at LexPlay.
  • We will judge on craftsmanship, presentation, likeness, and attention to detail, using a scale of 1-10 in each area.

Weapons Policy

Cosplaying characters from video games and other media often involves weaponry, but we have some policies in place to keep the event safe and secure.

  • No live steel unless it’s fully sheathed and peace-tied
  • All guns must have orange tips, no magazines loaded, and with their triggers peace tied.

If you have any questions, be sure and reach out to so that we can answer them!

And something to keep in mind for LexPlay as well as the cosplay event in specific, all state, local, and federal laws remain in full effectIf you can’t do it on the street, then you can’t do it in the convention. As stated before, this is a family friendly event, so please don’t show anything you wouldn’t show to your pearl-clutching grandma and your baby cousin.