October 20, 2016 Amanda Wallace

LexPlay Hearthstone Tournament Rules

LexPlay will be hosting a Hearthstone tournament over the course of the convention weekend. with prelims for the tournament beginning Saturday at 12PM with finals following at 1:30PM. You can see more of the schedule here. The rules for the tournament are as follows:

The Lexplay Hearthstone tournament will be a Standard format event. This means that the challenges will be in standard playing format and all cards illegal in standard format are banned. All games are to be played on the Americas server. Make sure that you have at least one available friend slot on your account to add competitors in each round.

This will be a single elimination conquest event. During registration each player will choose three classes. At the start of a round both players will announce their classes to their opponent and ban one of their opponent’s classes. With the remaining two classes players will play a best-of-three match. If you win with a deck you cannot play with that deck again. If you win with both of your decks you are the match winner and you advance to the next round. If you lose twice using any deck you are eliminated from the tournament.

You must use the same decks and classes every round. Anyone caught violating any rules of the event will be removed from the tournament by the tournament director. Please make sure to report all results (even negative results) to tournament staff.

Interested in participating in the Hearthstone tournament? Entry to the tournament is free with LexPlay admission.

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