Gaming Marathon Charity Announced: Lexington Public Library

We are pleased to announce a partnership with the Lexington Public Library. All proceeds from the gaming and speedrunning marathon at LexPlay will go towards the Lexington Public Library.


We’ve been really excited about working with the Lexington Public Library. The library is doing a lot of digital media outreach, including their Northside Branch Digital Studio. We look forward to working with them in the future on more education and gaming initiatives.

So what is actually going to the library? All of the money raised, 100% of the proceeds from the gaming and speedrunning marathon will go to the Lexington Public Library. If you donate on the livestream or in person, that money is going straight from out event to the library. Which is pretty swell.

Interested in participating in the marathon, either by playing a game or giving technical assistance? There’s more information about how you can contribute here, and for certain levels of involvement you can come to LexPlay for free. Tickets for LexPlay are currently live and available on Eventbrite.

LexPlay Announces SpeedRun Marathon

This is paraphrased from a post on the Speed Demos Archive post by the lead on our speedrunning marathon, Jarrett (Tterraj42).


At the end of October, RunJumpDev will be hosting their first Game Convention: LexPlay. The organizers want to have a speedrun marathon at the event, and they’re letting me organize it. First off, it’s an in person event, so make sure you can attend in person before signing up. It will be at the Lexington Center, on October 28-29 in Lexington, KY.

LexPlay will run for 7 hours on Friday (5PM-midnight) and 15 hours on Saturday (9am-midnight), for a total of 22 hours. No overnight, so no graveyard runs and we all get to sleep.
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