August 5, 2016 Amanda Wallace

LexPlay Announces SpeedRun Marathon

This is paraphrased from a post on the Speed Demos Archive post by the lead on our speedrunning marathon, Jarrett (Tterraj42).


At the end of October, RunJumpDev will be hosting their first Game Convention: LexPlay. The organizers want to have a speedrun marathon at the event, and they’re letting me organize it. First off, it’s an in person event, so make sure you can attend in person before signing up. It will be at the Lexington Center, on October 28-29 in Lexington, KY.

LexPlay will run for 7 hours on Friday (5PM-midnight) and 15 hours on Saturday (9am-midnight), for a total of 22 hours. No overnight, so no graveyard runs and we all get to sleep.

All runners will get their ticket costs refunded and host/tech volunteers will get a 50% refund for each 3 hour shift they work. Note you will have to buy your ticket to get in, and you will be refunded after the convention is over. So help with the marathon, and you get to attend for free!

Here’s the tentative schedule of events for the speedrun marathon:

  • Close game submissions – September 11th (a little over a month from now!)
  • Release marathon schedule – September 17th
  • Finalize schedule based on availability / feedback – October 7th
  • Close volunteer applications and create shift schedule – October 10th
  • Finalize Volunteer schedule based on availability / feedback – October 14th
  • LexPlay – October 28th & 29th

I want to make the final games list as early as possible, but I also want to leave submissions open as long as I can, so the schedule may get adjusted as needed.

Runner game submission form:

Host application form:

Tech crew application form:
Speedrun Stream

Main Stream

PS: LexPlay. Get it? Lex… Play… No? Ok, I’ll see myself out.

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